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SpoiltPrincessG leaning aganst wall in hot outfit

I am highly selective. I don’t session with everyone who comes along there has to be a build up, a slave must prove he is ready and worthy of My time. I only practice safe, sane and consensual bdsm.

I am a pro dominatrix, an international Princess, fetish model, a safe space to keep your secrets, an advisor, a fantasy engineer and an inviting escape from the ordinary.

Read a few of  testimonials about my real time and my custom clips that are displayed in the gallery below.

I have served Princess Grace two years now, I get a custom every month and I also get online slave tasks. I have also had the pleasure of having Princess grace accompany Me on my business trips.


When travels with me I take or her 5 star hotel, flights and rates. I also give my Princess had her own room in a 5 star hotel and I had mine. 

I came over for boot worship and cbt when Princess demanded. It felt amazing to submit and to be a tool to bring happiness to Princess Grace.


I love that Princess has always respected my boundaries and always keeps photos of my slave tasks private.


I have a very stressful job in my vanilla life but being a slave and just obeying my Princess is very exciting and satisfying.


Business trips can be boring so it was really wonderful to have Princess accompany me. She is very intelligent and really sweet but with a kinky dominant side to her.


I am very shy but I am always comfortable with her, She also offers great after care and really builds a genuine connection.

Dear Princess Grace,


I am a huge fan of yours and your stunning drop dead gorgeous feet. 


I've been drooling looking at your feet for many months, following your Twitter and buying your clips on and buying you three pairs of louboutins. I could not resist any longer I had to meet you for a real time session. I asked you if you would meet Me in Geneva. It was a dream come true when you accepted my invite. I paid your rates in advanced as I have served for a year inline and I know you are trustworthy, I got you business class flights and 5 star hotel in the ritz in Geneva. After all Princess you deserve luxury. 


 I have such a huge weakness for your  beautiful pedicured feet and perfect legs covrred in nylons. I loved the way you dominated me under your perfectly pedicured feet and I loved the taste of your soft clean and feet. I especially lovef being teased by your feet and louboutins. My goodness your laughter was like music.


  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to worship you and for make my dreams come true.


Princess I was always ashamed of my foot fetish but you freed me of that when you said "if you love a women why not love all of her, even her pretty feet."


I loved the way you are so sweet in public no one in the hotel know that knew that you are my owner and dominatrix. It was so perfect because we even bumped into an old friend of mine but you were so classy Princess. He later said to me "that little girl is so sweet" 


I will continue serving you online until you wish to meet me again in Geneva or I can travel to you my Princess its your call.



Your devoted foot slut

I had a cashmeet with SpoiltprincessG

and it was an experience I will always remember. I get very nervous around such beautiful women, Grace put me instantly at ease and was so wonderful and amazing in every way. x

Online tasks then cashmeet and lunch introduction


I am blown away ... Thank you so much for the lovely meeting today ... You are a special lady who deserves to be worshipped and spoiled…I feel privileged  .. Yes I want to go deeper into this for YOU as you suggested in the message … I am so turned on by listening to this audio clips but instead of touching myself I would like to be seduced by you further … So I have just purchased “Be prepared to make sacrifices” and your 35 mins audio recording …Thanks again PERFECT PRINCESS

Alias: slaveboysmith

Country that slave is from: Canada

Type Of Session: Skype

I have had the privilege of reviewing several of Princess Grace's amazing clips, ranging from sensual teasing and mindfucking to hardcore humiliation and CBT. She is a remarkably talented Dominatrix who knows how to push a slave's buttons. My Skype interview with her was sensory overload as I got a small taste of what it means to be completely mindfucked by an expert. Princess is very obviously a breathtaking beauty with a body that could make a priest break his vows, but it's her mind that is her most dangerous weapon. I am looking forward to my next session with Princess Grace, and I can only imagine what she has in store for me! We love you Princess. You are sensual, seductive and relentlessly teasing. You make us ache to please you and push our limits because we want nothing more than to make you smile that beautiful smile and to hear that sexy giggle of yours.


Where did you find Me?: Twitter


Elite Domme, Luxury Princess, Findom, Boot Worship, Foot Fetish, Fly Me To you


Testimonials            International Dominatrix, Clip Artist & Fetish Model

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