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SpoiltPrincessG sitting on a balcony by forset with her slave licking her boots

Princess do you have any interviews

where I can learn more about you?

I have an interview and lots of clip reviews on the

brilliant site domme addiction, you can read it here

  • Princess, I would like to ask if You are available for an online domination session, and or real-time session how can I do this?"
    Send tribute first then message Me. I prefer tribute that has no cut, or clip and fans sites take 40% to 20% you can still send it there but I also accept gift cards, cash app, PayPal, and bank transfers the tribute links are on allmylinks HERE. Wishtender HERE Click my wishtender wishlist link to serve me financially easily and discreetly - with the option of sending it anonymously. My absolute minimum introductory tribute is €55, a €100 or more is better. Once you have sent it, you may introduce yourself to me.
  • Princess I would like to serve online how can I do this? I allow slaves to serve Me in many ways. Here are the ways.
    Online domination is buying custom clips, custom audio, custom photos, worn items like panties or socks from my shop, getting me gifts from my tribute page, email sessions. Cash meets deposits are required by a gift card to confirm your cash meet. This is good for slaves who are nervous about real-time this acts as an introduction. Real-time sessions and fly Me to you are available booked in advance, see rate here. Custom clips or My fetish clips can be purchased on the clips sites I am on.
  • Princess do you do incalls?
    Occasionally I do incalls if I'm on tour or on holiday. I will advertise this on my Twitter and blog but primarily I do outcalls and online. If you need to be extra discreet I can book a hotel in My name but I will need money upfront to do that. I am very private and select. I like to get to know My submissive online first after I trust he is ready then he will get the honour to serve Me in real-time.
  • Princess, what happens after a real-time session do you offer aftercare?"
    After a session I tend to feel Domme drop that is akin to coming down from an adrenaline rush, topping requires a lot of mental and emotional energy so after a session I need space to recharge. I do offer aftercare but I prefer it to be a day later or a few days later depending on the intensity of the session. To take care of My submissives I need to take care of Myself. A good sub will understand and respect this. This can be done by email/Skype or phone session, can be paid with tribute or gift card.
  • Princess, I am not into findom can I still serve you? "
    I only enjoy sessions online or in real-time with people who spoil me with gifts and tributes. If you are not into findom that's fine but you still are required to send tribute with your introduction message, you still are required to pay a deposit, tribute for sessions, phone, skype, email etc I don't do free chat.
  • Princess, do you tour often?"
    No, I never tour. I do online or flymetoyou or have my submissives visit me by flying to me to in Dublin Ireland. If you are a submissive slave and are on business in my city we can meet to have a session or you can flymetoyou but I don't want to tour it's stressful and not safe so it's not attractive to me. I am only attracted to the Princess lifestyle. If on the rare occasion I do tour it will be advertised on My blog and Twitter.
  • Princess Grace, I want to ask you on a flymetoyou I will pay for everything but not your rates, is this ok?"
    NO, I will decline. I love my work but it's very competitive so if I take a few days off I will lose out on sales and sessions which has a huge effect on my income. If I see you are trying your best to provide the best for me then I will value you more for this and we will have a much better time together.
  • Princess, I am not submissive, I consider myself an alpha can you switch and be my sub?"
    No. I am happy only when I am in control. I don't have any interest in being spanked, humiliated etc. I would not feel safe or happy with that so it's not for Me.
  • Princess, I am a guy who is not into buying you gifts or tributes, I only want to pay for My session, do you like guys like that?"
    If it's a once-off it's fine but in general for the long term NO I don't like this. You can do this but I will hate you for it and will end up not wanting to session with you. Yes, I understand I am a service provider who provides domination services but if you don't be kind and gift me on my birthday, Christmas, valentines or randomly every now and then, even something small and the come at me with "I love you my Princess" it's going be hard for me to take you seriously. I will give you an opportunity to fix it if you don't then I must let you go because we are not compatible. As a Dominatrix who enjoys having a genuine connection in sessions. I don't want to fake a session with you, I want to spend time with men who are nice to me and who give me good experiences and to Me, this involves gifts and tributes that are not just paying for a service.
  • Princess do you use TeamViewer or can I give you my credit card and you take the money yourself?
    NO, I don't use TeamViewer. I am not comfortable using your bank card details, even with your permission. There are many ways to gift or tribute Me please see the My Tribute Me page, also you can give Me My own credit card in My name that you top up monthly to take care of things I want or need. I have had this done before and it works really well for long term arrangements. I enjoy being provided for and cared for. It's the Princess life.
  • Do you offer foot fetish?
    Yes please read my list of fetishes here. Foot fetish is only allowed if you paid for my pedicure in advance.
  • Princess when you travel for FlyMeToYou what do you bring in your kit?
    I bring myself, My clothes, boots, shoes and that's it. For discretion and safety going through airports, I don't feel comfortable bringing a BDSM kit. I have been stopped and searched in airports before with my check-in luggage searched in front of everyone and my BDSM items confiscated. If you really need certain items please be sure to bring them to our session. For international sessions, I travel discreetly.
  • Princess why do you not do 30 mins or have rates of €100 or €200 for real-time it would be more traffic and more money for you in the long run. I think you should change your business model to be more accessible, don't you?"
    I get a lot of my income from email domination, clips, skype and blackmail games/keyholding so I have never depended on real-time as my main income. Also, I prefer longer sessions that are not rushed so I get to know my subs better. I prefer flymetoyou or when a sub/slave serves me online first and then He flys to meet me. Also, I enjoy dinner and domination. My goals are not to be high traffic to make as much money and get out my goal is to have quality over quantity. To connect and have genuinely wonderful experiences. I have many long term submissives who are happy with my style and I would not suit guys who want a 30 min rushed session where he has his shopping list of fetishes he wants to squeeze into that time. It would drain me so for this reason. I don't offer this. As a Domme I do what feels right to me emotionally because I want my subs to experience their session with me where I am happy and at my best. Energy is very powerful and a sub can see if you really enjoy yourself and then he will enjoy it too. If I was less exclusive and high traffic I would be worn out and that would not be fair to my subs.
  • Princess, why don't you take last-minute or same-day sessions?"
    I don't offer incalls, I do outcalls and flymetoyou so that takes time to organise and I screen my slaves carefully plus I have a skype interview with them. I know I would get more money/more sessions if I did last minute/same day sessions but it does not suit my style. I like to be organised, safe and happy.
  • About screening and privacy are trustworthy?
    Applications are handled in strict confidence. I have been a professional Domme for years now, if I was careless about screening or being discreet I would not get repeat business. If we bump into each other in shops or cafes I would NOT say "hi you are the slave that ate dirt off my boots, how have you been dirty bootlicker" or that I would be overly friendly or course not why would I do that, you might be married, in a relationship or out with friends. The World has a lot of narrow-minded people who have nothing better to do than gossip. I prefer to not give them anything to talk about. I have a life too and want to be private so no I would not broadcast what happened in our sessions or that I knew you if we bumped into each other unless it was discussed in advance. To get me to bump into submissives it is called a cash meet, lunch, dinner or session playtime and they pay for that. Screening of course is for my eyes only and is done just for my safety. Famous actors, Stockbrokers, doctors, lawyers, trust fund kids, and anyone who has sessions with me all have sent screening info and tribute when they message me to show they respect my time and boundaries. I don't bend my rules to suit some man's excuses. My rules or no session.

Elite Domme, Luxury Princess, Findom, Boot Worship, Foot Fetish, Fly Me To you


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