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SpoiltPrincessG holding a chastity cage & key

In this section, you will find contracts and keyholding fees for chastity slaves. I am ambassadress for Red Chili Chastity Cages.

Debt Contract

I want you to serve me FINANCIALLY you will prove you are willing to submit in cash and gifts. If they are for real about paying and serving me then begin now by purchasing this debt contract. It is not for a faint-hearted or the broke but you know your reason to exist is to serve me and you are willing to do what it takes.

Blackmail-Fantasy Contract

I know you have desired to be at the whim and mercy of a beautiful Princess, you want to submit and be the best slave you can be but you really need that extra push, well then sign this blackmail-fantasy form and get ready to give me full control or else you extremely humiliating photos with have to be exposed-fantasy to the world. I know you understand this is an extremely serious contract and I don't suffer fools gladly. There is a get-out fee on this form but it will up costing you a lot so it's better to obey me instead. Instructions are included in the pdf document on how to deliver to Me along with your photos and documents.

Sissy Transformation

you are going to go to gay dating sites for Me, join up and make Me money. By buying this clip, you are entering into a contract for 1 week being My gay pay pig slutty slave, you will take so much cock for Me, so you better be a really good flirt, kisser and of course good at taking BIG cock for Me. you're here to make My life better and this is going to make Me happy and make Me money, so run along My little gay slut go make Me money.

By buying this clip you're entering into a coerced gay contact with Me to pimp yourself out for 1 week..and ALL the money made is MINE & if you don't make money you pay Me anyway!

Go Gay To Pay ME | 1 Week Contract

I'm going to make you into My pretty little sissy, I will be sending you a transformation sissy gift pack. In your pack, I will choose you some items of My choice, let it be some frilly panties, stockings to My favourite brands, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner & various makeup. They are new items & items will be a surprise, all gift pack will different. I'm going to make you look beautiful, with some amazing tips & tricks, transforming you into the lady you long to be & really getting in touch with your feminine side. you will receive this clip plus 5 items to post to you to help you be a pretty sissy. At the price of this clip, a transformation sissy gift pack is included.

These items will be posted safely in a discreet parcel.

Loser! Buy My Foot-Dust or Spit!

In this clip you will see Me get foot dust off My perfect pink soles and cut my red polished toenails and put in them a tiny jar, you will see Me spit in a tiny jar as I order you to jerk off as you get ready to swallow My foot dust and spit.


I will allow you to have a cum countdown and on zero, you get to cum and tribute to thank Me for the privilege to eat My foot-dust. That's the nearest you will ever get to My feet! You are such a loser, you have to work your way up the slave ranks, see if you can impress Me. Then maybe I will give you better treats than foot-dust and toes nail clippings?

In the price of this clip foot-dust or spit is included. Message to tell Me your choice and your address, also a copy of your username so I can see that you purchased this clip.

Buy My trash, be My trash can!

you can buy My trash, cotton pads, tissues, tooth floss, earbuds and sanitary towels that I use every day.


Buy buying this clip you can watch Me use the items there is a voice-over of Me talking telling you that you must worship everything about Me even My trash.


Elite Domme, Luxury Princess, Findom, Boot Worship, Foot Fetish, Fly Me To you


Keyholding              International Dominatrix, Clip Artist & Fetish Model

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