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Booking Information

Updated: Apr 19

After Dark Extra Charge

My favourite is lunch, dinner date or a cashmeet with a session later on.

My last outcall real-time booking is at 6 pm

My last outcall for a full overnight booking is 9 pm.

Sessions booked after these times will incur the After Dark Fee of €270.

It was hard to get a taxi there and back because everyone else was getting a taxi at that time.

Hotel staff would think it was weird I was arriving at the hotel so late which I dislike because I prefer to be discreet.

When booking a session please give lots of information about what you are looking for, the ideal outfit, date time, hotel, how you can pay a deposit to confirm, and how many hours of session you are looking for.

My booking form has all the questions I require answered.

I work online which means that real time session money is not something I depend on as my main income, which means I can be select about who I session with in real life.

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