Elite Domme, Luxury Princess, Findom, Boot Worship, Foot Fetish, Fly Me To you


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"If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning."

Aristotle Onassis



I don't meet random men so you must fill out the contact form on my website in full or you can send it to me by email. For my safety and so we are both comfortable in our session I have a skype interview with you after you filled in the contact form.  To make sure I understand your fetishes and limits. You can have your cam off but mine will be on. It's just a chat to get know each other, it's not a fetish cam session.


I don't do public humiliation. In public we are friends, work colleagues etc playtime with my slaves in always in private my reason for this is consent, other people in public have not consented to us in BDSM play so I don't want to do that.


You can pay by gift card on My tribute page by euro, by My amazon UK or by clip sites (but clip sites take 40 per cent cut of my sales.


I am very discreet and I will respect your boundaries, you will respect mine.


If you are being aggressive/disrespectful /on drugs/drunk. I will have to leave and keep your session rate for My time being wasted. This has never happened to Me before but I am just saying so you know.

I only do fetishes I love because I want My domination to be genuine.


Rates shown here are for EUROS & GBP. For other countries rates may vary.


 I only do real-time with slaves who have served me online first. This could be buying clips, buying custom audio, having email domination sessions or cam sessions.


I prefer to session with good slaves who I know and trust. It makes the session more intense and pleasurable that sessioning with a total stranger.


Also, my preference is filmed sessions. You can a mask and I will respect your limits and fetishes.


I don't rent a dungeon space, Please understand I don't do incalls in Ireland. I do outcalls to a 5-star hotel paid for by the sub. Room costs are extra it's not out of my rates.    When I am in another country on holiday I will take appointments in My hotel, My rates are the same not cheaper because of its factoring in extra costs of My travel, hotel, etc. Also, I do FlyMeToyou.





2 Hours - £/€ 900 

3 Hours - £/€ 1100

4 Hours - £/€ 1300

5/6 Hours - £/€ 1600

10/12 Hours - £/€ 1900


*Sessions over 3 hours must have a break for food.




Clip slave special


Filmed session rate - 1 hour - £/€450


• Pay for taxi fare there and back to your hotel or if Im doing a flyMetoyou then it possible to film in My hotel room.


• Wear a mask


• you will get copy or clips and a sign model release form.


Clip sessions are not scripted its just the camera on in the background when we have a session.

If you have some ideas or images you are want

to experience and recreate them you are welcome

to suggest them to Me but I am the Princess so I will

say if it happens or not.


Cancellation Policy


I understand life happens but I lose money and time with cancellations because at that time I could have used for someone else.


Cancellation policy for flyMetoyou : For real-time sessions, if it's cancelled 5 days before I will require 50 per cent of My rates and 3 days before then 100 per cent.


If you require an online task and you have talked about it all day or for days and sent money then I will require a cancellation fee.  There is no cancellation on skypes or custom clip orders if need to cancel you may reschedule your skype at the later date of up to 2 weeks after the original date.


I have a cancellation policy in place to make sure My time is valued and to make sure I give My attention to subs who understand cancellations do cost Me energy, time and in lots of cases money. If you don't pay the cancellation fee you will not be allowed to book other sessions with Me. For real time a deposit is required to confirm your session. Your session will not be put in my diary if there is no deposit. For online sessions payment in full is at the start of each session.


For real-time a deposit is required to confirm your session. Your session will not be put in my diary if there is no deposit. For online sessions payment in full is at the start of each session, there will be no refunds for online tasks.


Deposit Policy


I require 50 percent deposit for real time sessions. For phone, text, email, skype or custom photos/clips full payment is required up front. There are many discreet ways to send Me a deposit. If you are not willing to be screened or to respect that I require a deposit then I cannot session with you. Deposits are non-refundable.

International Dominatrix, Clip Artist & Fetish Model


Fly Me to you/International Travel


All travel plans must include My flights, hotel expenses, tranfers and food entertainment is also taken care by slave its not from My rates.


*Don't pay for flights/travel rates on My clips sites they take 40 percent of that money before it gets to Me.


For my peace of mind and for your privacy I like to book hotel/flights/transfers myself. Bank transfer or other methods are available for you to take care of these expenses for me. I will let you know costs before booking.



Skype/phone/text session


Pay below, and receive My Skype ID, Then we can arrange a time for your Skype session. Please don't call Me on skype without permission as I might be on a call with another sub.


There are many ways to explore your fetish, talking to Me on skype is one way to do it. I will not force you to anything so if want your camera off, You can have your camera off and just have My camera on. You can text and not talk if you are afraid your housemates will hear you.


You can request an outfit if I have it I will wear it. If I don't have it and its important to your fetish you can buy it off My wishlist and I will wear it in the next skype session. Skype is a fun way to explore your fetishes or maybe you just want to chat, its up to you what you are comfortable with.


After you have sent payment I will email you to say I received your payment and to arrange a time for our skype. I am on skype daily. If you "finish" in session and you hang up after a minute there are no refunds on skype so please make good use of the time you paid for. I also do email/DM sessions and the same rates apply.

Payment by Amazon UK gift card to [email protected]