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Princess I would like to serve online how can I do this?

I allow slaves to serve Me in many ways. Here are the ways.


Online domination which is phone/skype/text/ email these sessions can be paid by gift card.


Cashmeets deposits are required by gift card to confirm your cashmeet. This is good for slaves who are nervous about real time this acts as an introduction.

Real time sessions and fly Me to you are available booked in advance, see rate here.


Custom clips or My fetish clips can be purchased on the clips sites I am on.


*I will never record you on skype and your photos or task are private unless you ask and consent to them being shared.


Are your tribute methods discreet?

IWC payments show as Gatsby not IWC and not SpoiltPrincessG, also you can sign in as a guest. Amazon gift cards only show the first name of sender and no address. Indiebill just sends Me an email saying the amount. For FlyMeToYou booking hotels, flights or buying things online, I don't use my email associated with My website, I use My personal email. I am very careful to be discreet for myself and My slaves.


Princess do you do incalls?

Occasionally I do incalls if I'm on tour or on holidays. I will advertise this on my twitter and blog but primarily I do outcalls and online. If you need to be extra discreet I can book hotel in My name but I will need money up front to do that. I am very private and select.

I like to get to know My submissive online first after I trust he is ready then he will get the honour to serve Me in real time.


Princess will you be naked in clips/sessions/skype?

No. I will never be naked and I will wear what I wear in My clips or if you request items of clothing I don't have you can buy it for Me.  I love wearing gifts of clothes and footwear bought by those who serve Me. It makes it more personal.


Princess what happens after a real time session do you offer aftercare?

After a session I tend to feel Domme drop that is akin to coming down from an adrenaline rush, topping requires a lot of mental and emotional energy so after as session I need space to recharge. I do offer after care but I prefer it to be a day later or a few days later depending on the intensity of the session. To take care of My submissives I need to take care of Myself. A good sub will understand and respect this. This can be done by email/Skype or phone session, can be paid with tribute or gift card.


Princess I am not into findom can I still serve you? 

Yes but respect that I am and only contact Me when you are sending a tribute/paying for a custom clip/ getting Me a gift/paying for online or real time session/organizing your next session.


Princess if you travel to me how does that work?

Its arranged in advance, transfers, flights (business class is nice for long trips). A nice 4 or 5 star hotel to be booked in My name but paid for by the slave.


Princess I am very nervous about a real time session, what will happen?

Dont worry, you can watch My clips to see My style of domination, I offer  phone/skype/text sessions/cashmeet introductions so, I'm not a total stranger when we meet for a real time session. At the start of a session we will have chat about how you will worship Me, your safe word will be RED. I will not shout, I am not interested in public humiliation. A session is a safe space for you to be truly submissive. Read over My limits and what fetishes I love to make sure I am the right Princess for you.


I respect My slaves private life and I only practice BDSM that is safe, sane and consensual. I expect slaves to respect My private life and boundaries.


Princess I am uncomfortable with giving you My screening information or a tribute, can we over look this because I am famous, rich, good looking, been scammed by a Domme before?

I am a pro Domme I offer Skype, Kik, phone sessions, email sessions and custom clips which all must be paid for. slave application form must be filled out fully and accompanied with a gift card or tribute. If you wish to meet Me in real life then screening information is required, this is just for My safety and that information would never be shared and is deleted after I see you are safe. you must have a skype consultation if they are booking a fly me to you.


I don’t have real time sessions with anonymous strangers. I only accept a good slave who has sent tribute along with slave application and screening information.


Princess do you tour often?

No slave I don’t tour often, I travel when I am invited by a slave “fly Me to you” but occasionally if I am on holidays abroad I will advertise sessions but this is rare. Tours are stressful and a lot of work as a Princess I love the luxury life and for My slaves to work hard for Me. I prefer to travel with one slave and be worshipped and have slave play time on that trip.


If on the rare occasion I do tour it will be advertised on My blog and twitter.


Princess do you offer double Domme?

I normally do real time double domme sessions with My Domme sister Ibicella. We request our own room, travel, tribute and food allowance to br taking care of.  We also are available to film double domme clips and we do skype. We are also really good friends so sometimes we travel together and you could be our shopping slave or you can show us the city as a driver slave if we have had a session with you before.


Princess Grace can I freshen up after our session I dont want to impose? 

Yes slave I normally have sessions that are outcalls or fly me to you where a slave has arranged the hotel suite that I stay in, so thats not problem you can shower or freshen up. You can bring a tooth brush, deodorant, bottle of water and a snack if you need to keep your energy levels up during slave training.


Princess how can I have a real time session?

I only offer real time to slaves who have served me online or at the very least I had a skype consultation with to make sure we have a good understanding of each before our session,  you can also send a tribute or gift card to be in my good books and you buy my clips to get to know Me.


Princess I am not submissive, I consider myself to be a switch or alpha, can we still talk?

Yes we can talk, you can purchase phone/Skype/email sessions /custom clips/custom audio to explore your fantasies. I have lots of experiences playing with pure subs but I also enjoy playing and exploring many other areas in the bdsm world with people who are openminded, generous and intelligent.



 Princess I want to tribute, skype, email but I dont want an email with spoilt or princess to show up on my phone is there an an other option?

Yes, I have a discreet email, discreet skype, discreet whatsapp (not a free chat line only to arrange a date) with no mention of Princess or ladies name.

• I can also provide a discreet payment option or you can do bank transfer.

• Please enquire if you need this service.

• I don't put this email or number on my site or social media because then it would be linked there so must enquire by My Twitter or contact form to get this private email & private payment option.

• screening and tribute is still required I do not meet with random men.


Princess, I am a guy who is not into buying you gifts or to tribute, I only want to pay for My session, do you like guys like that?


If its a once off its fine but in general for long term NO I don't like this. You can do this but I will hate you for it and will end up not wanting to session with you. Yes I understand I am a service provider who provides domination services but if you don't be kind and gift me on my birthday, Christmas, valentines or randomly every now and then, even something small and the come at me with "I love you my Princess" it's going be hard for me to take you seriously. I will give you an opportunity to fix it if you don't then I must let you go because we are not compatible.  As a Dominatrix who enjoys having a genuine connection in sessions. I  don't want to fake a session with you, I want to spend time with men who are nice to me and who give me good experiences and to Me, this involves gifts and tributes that are not just paying for a service.

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Princess do you have any interviews

where I can learn more about you?

I have an interview and lots of clip reviews on the

brilliant site domme addiction, you can read it here.

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