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Fetish Model & Financial Dominatrix In London, NYC, Zurich, Monaco, Dubai & Worldwide.


International Luxury Foot Fetish Princess

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Princess do you have any interviews

where I can learn more about you?

I have an interview and lots of clip reviews on the

brilliant site domme addiction, you can read it here.

Princess do you take phone calls?

I am very busy but occasionally I do phone sessions. I also do texting, whatsapp/email domination/ long distance slave tasks. tribute is required for all types of communication with Me your Princess.


Princess I sent an email and got no reply from you, why?

If I didn't reply it's because your message had no tribute or gift card with it, you asked for something that I clearly  said I don't do on My website, your message was very vulgar and disrespectful or you are always talking about arranging an appointment and then you disappear when I tell you to pay a deposit only to pop up again a few weeks later to ask the same question.


Princess do you allow a slave to serve you on Skype? 

Yes, please contact Me for my rates.


Online I really enjoy C.E.I, online shopping, cuckolding, C.B.T, financial domination, roleplay, S. P. H, caging, J.O.I, slave tasks, chastity and brainwashing, keyholding, foot fetish, boot worship, humiliation and just chatting with good boys online. I also like being amused by good stories, jokes, songs, works of art and surprised with thoughtful gifts.


Note* I will not record our Skype session or share your photos without your consent.  I respect your privacy. It's your choice if you want Me to share them on My twitter to humiliate you or to show off what goodboy you were for Me.  I allow you to wear a mask on Skype if it makes you feel comfortable. The most important thing about Skype is you pay for My time and you obey My orders. I don't need to see your face.


Princess do you do incalls?

At the moment no I don't offer incalls.

Online, clips and Outcalls only.

I like to get to know My submissive online first after I trust he is ready then he will get the honour to serve Me in real time. A sub may travel to Me or he can fly Me to him.


Princess will you be naked in clips/sessions/skype?

No. I will never be naked and I will wear what I wear in My clips or if you request items of clothing I don't have you can buy it for Me.  I love wearing gifts of clothes and footwear bought by those who serve Me. It makes it more personal.


Princess can I touch you?

Only My feet and boots/shoes are allowed to be touched with My permission.


Princess I was blocked for bad behavior. I am very sorry can I serve you again?

Depends on what I blocked you for but if it was something minor you can pay My unblocking fee of $1000 on IwantspoiltprincessG.com then I will let you back but you must be on your best behavior. It's best to say sorry with gifts and money. If it was something serious then I will not accept you back irregardless of money. My safety is more important than money.


Princess are your photos recent?

Yes I take photos every day and put it on My twitter and instagram.  I also make clips every week so you can see what I look like. I also like to get professional photos done but most of My photos on twitter are just selfies or photos from My everyday life.


Princess I am not into findom can I still serve you? 

Yes but respect that I am and only contact Me when you are sending a tribute/paying for a custom clip/ getting Me a gift/paying for online or real time session/organizing your next session.


Princess can I write a review of our session?

I prefer our session to be private, reviews are tacky when I think reviews I think of ebay but I will allow testimonials that I will add to My website blog.