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Worms eye view of SpoiltPrincessG...you are a slave and as a slave you belong on the cold floor at My boots. Your tongue should be ready to worship my boots whenever I demand, even if I'm just doing my hair in the bathroom. You are a boot slave so you rarely get to look up from my boots. So get a worms eye view of what it's like to be My boots slave... Boot boy!

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Do you have a fetish that you

cant stop thinking about, a

outfit you would like Me to

wear, trigger words you find



Well then you need your own

clip customised with you in mind, request your custom

clip now!

My Clips


Go deeper into your fantasies and order a custom clip from me. I enjoy many fetishes please see my fetish list on my website. All clips will be filmed in 1080p and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro to ensure the very highest quality.


Outdoor clips have an extra fee plus the clip cost.

Special effects in clips have an added charge, Add an extra tribute if you want these extras.


Muddy Boots Cleaning Fee & Petrol $250.00

New Latex Outfit $135.00

The Hotel Setting $250.00

Manicure or Pedicure $200.00

New Agent Provocateur Underwear $350.00

slave Included in Clip $500.00


To get clips faster its extra charge.

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So I have just been out horse riding & My boots got all the muddy, & I have let My slave out its shed to lick them clean for Me. My boots must be clean & spotless before an after My Saturday riding session & then comes to My Sunday riding day, every day actually, a lot of work for him.I inspect intermittently and correct him as I need to. He doesn't want to disappoint me as I will just get twice as much muck on them tomorrow for him to lick and eat...My Princess life is such Fun!

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I will have you inhale from a special bottle of a toxin to get you deeper into submission. you are eager to please Me, your Princess. I have convinced you to be locked away in chastity for Me but first, you are allowed one last cum on your face.


*cock cage in the clip is from RED CHILI CHASTITY CAGES devices.

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Like a Princess, I have a slave army. Those slaves are loyal, no slutty around to other Dommes. Also, those slaves have a rank. In the case of boot slaves. There are two ranks. Low down its the mud buckets and higher is the boot polishers maybe if you work hard to impress me you might rise the ranks. That's the goal for you slave. You must always go out of your way to impress me or be forgotten.

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I am the supreme and most generous Goddess. My cities are built by my minions of workers. They are nothing and exist only to serve me. As a god, it is an honour to suffer in my service. All for my glory. When a slave has a near-nothingness experience I take offence to it as its considered cheating my army of slaves and an easy way out, I command it to be made right by having the slave ended before me. All slaves are the lower than dirt and that I'm everything.

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