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By SpoiltPrincessG, Dec 6 2018 02:45AM

When I started out as a pro Domme many years ago. I was very honoured to be invited to London by the amazing Goddess Cleo. She is an expert in strapon a strap-on Queen

Cleo also has amazing Domme parties with lots of talented Dommes.

I flew over for a day trip where we had a lovely dinner where we talked of fetishes we love, the Domme sisterhood and filming femdom clips this is Cleo store C4S and Mine. Go buy our clips ))

I have been invited over to London to session/parties with Cleo but I am always busy with real-time sessions, fly Me to you, filming slave training custom clips.

In the New year, I hope to get to visit London.

I feel very blessed by the kindness and support of the many intelligent and talent Dommes I have met on my journey. It is really is a wonderful community to be a part of as we explore fetishes and reach our goals while doing what we love.

It was so wonderful to meet such an amazing and kind Domme. We always talk by text and I really have a lot of respect for Cleo.

Her play space was absolutely spotlessly clean and very private. Cleo is a specialist in strap on Domination and mentored Me through the whole process of the art of strap-on. As a Domme I know the safety of my subs is very important so I did not want to go out there with a strap-on and damage a sub, I respect the trust subs have in Me. I knew Goddess Cleo to an expert in strap-on so so I asked her to teach Me. Even the great artist Michelangelo said "I am still learning."

So if you are in London, book a session with the amazing Goddess Cleo Strap-on the queen of London.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Feb 20 2018 08:04PM

I graced a carefully selected group of slaves in Berlin with My glorious presence.

My trip was brief, only two days in Berlin but it was very eventful, My first session was off to a great start the slave could not resist but fall to his feet to kiss My Valentinos in the elevator, he gently kissed My perfect petite feet, telling Me it was a dream come true. We went to My suite he was instructed to undressed and he handed Me My tribute as he was naked kneeling before Me, time flew by.

Later that day I had a four hour session with a slave who was a leather fetishist, he gave Me lots of fashion tips and a tribute later for a leather jacket or tight pencil skirt, My choice of course what outfit I decide to get, he will worship what ever I get. He said he was born only to worship a Goddess like Me. I love Goddess worship sessions so easy and so much fun to watch as a slave falls deeper under My spell.

I went to sightseeing later that night and had a bite to eat. The restaurant is called Grace in the hotel I was staying in maybe they knew that spoilt Princess Grace would be visiting.

The following day I had a early session for face trampling right after breakfast it was a great way to start the day.

I rarely go on tour. I normally do sessions when a slaves flies to Me to him or meet he has the option to mert in My country. I aim for long term. I get energy from the connection and intensity from the adoration I recieve from My slaves.

What really stood out is how polite, intelligent and excellent conversationalist german slaves are, one slave here was advising Me on marketing and the other on fashion. I would really love to visit Germany again.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Feb 8 2018 09:35PM

I have had a wonderful experience here in Copenhagen, its all started when I was contacted by a polite slave who understood protocol.

He filled out the slave application form on My website, an introduction explaining  how he would like the opportunity to serve Me fir a worship session with My Valentino boots/horse riding boots and sneakers.

He sent a tribute of a gift along with his application, he also gave his screening information and then he serve Me online for a few months until he felt ready for real time, this was his first real time experience.

It is very easy for Me to spot a genuine slave as opposed to confused one because a true submissive offers his service voluntary and he understands My rules are mandatory.

I could see this slave was was sincere so he was granted permission to have a real-time session.

I am very select and don't accept sessions with anyone who asks. I want to have a great experience. My goals is long term where both Myself and slave benefit from the experience. We both get what we need, I get to be reach My goals, be kept safe, worshipped and see the world. The slave gets to submit, He is given freedom to express his true submissive side without fear of being judged, he is understood.

 This slave went immediately about the task of arranging My business class flights, transfers, hotel, dining and sightseeing all before even thinking of his session. He was very thoughtful and really tried his best.

When I arrived in Copenhagen airport I was greeted with a box of chocolates made in Copenhagen and at the hotel in the room he gave Me an unexpected gift and the rest of My rates which he handed to Me on his knees just like he read on My site, at first he was really nervous, he kept saying he could not believe I was here in Copenhagen. Its was really cute.

I took control and ordered him to clean My black leather horse riding boots which still had some fresh mud on them from the weekend before when I went on a trek, so lucky for him. He also got worship the soles of My Gucci sneakers.

I was here four days but on got to see him twice because he had to work in his vanilla job. I respect that My slaves have to work hard in their vanilla life to get money to spoil Me as their Dominatrix Princess.

It truly was a wonderful session this true slave had his dream fulfilled.

*This slave asked for his slave name and slave task photos not be shared in My blog. I respect a slave right to privacy and only share slave name and slave task photos with their consent.

International Dominatrix, Clip Artist & Fetish Model