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About My next tours and adventures...

By SpoiltPrincessG, May 22 2019 09:40PM

I love a good book and I read when on the plane as I travel on My wonderful flymetoyou's for My real-time Fem-Domme sessions. My next flymetoyou will be in Germany, Turkey and Prague and Paris. Keep an eye on My twitter and of course here on My blog for exciting dates and updates. I could be in your city soon. I am also very fond of reading at night when its raining heavily and I am snug in My bed after a good day, being a Spoilt Princess, filming custom clips or going to lunch with My domme sister.

Recently I started reading a book by the very talented Irv O. Neil, its called 'Fate of a Stripper'

The book is really wonderful from the very start to the captivating ending, normally I have to read a few chapters in a book before it gets My attention but this one really hooks you in and pulls you in the book from the first few pages. I can't recommend it enough. If you are not familiar with Irv O. Neil books, please take a look at his Twitter, Website and ultimately his books on Amazon.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Jun 30 2018 01:16AM

I will be off to paris for my next tour and offering double domme sessions with the delightful Ibicella Studio | French Humiliatrix | Femdom Dominatrix :

We require only the most servile, polite and serious of gentlemen, women worshippers and real slaves ONLY.

I will be aranging My usual cashmeets, shopping trips and one on one realtime sessions with Myself. In My hotel suite in Paris. Whipping, Foot Worship, Boot slavery and CBT are just a few of the activities that I enjoy during My realtime domination sessions.

Browse My pages here to understand My style of domination.


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