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By SpoiltPrincessG, Mar 1 2018 10:36PM

This particular blog post is for ALL My slave's, paypigs, boot slaves & foot and shoe lovers and worshippers. Also for any of My wannabe slave's out there. you will see below slave positions I expect ALL of you to be familiar with them, you will memorise every one to be used in Skype sessions and real-time. I demand you all to buy them from and I will be testing you on them next time you serve Me.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Feb 20 2018 08:04PM

I graced a carefully selected group of slaves in Berlin with My glorious presence.

My trip was brief, only two days in Berlin but it was very eventful, My first session was off to a great start the slave could not resist but fall to his feet to kiss My Valentinos in the elevator, he gently kissed My perfect petite feet, telling Me it was a dream come true. We went to My suite he was instructed to undressed and he handed Me My tribute as he was naked kneeling before Me, time flew by.

Later that day I had a four hour session with a slave who was a leather fetishist, he gave Me lots of fashion tips and a tribute later for a leather jacket or tight pencil skirt, My choice of course what outfit I decide to get, he will worship what ever I get. He said he was born only to worship a Goddess like Me. I love Goddess worship sessions so easy and so much fun to watch as a slave falls deeper under My spell.

I went to sightseeing later that night and had a bite to eat. The restaurant is called Grace in the hotel I was staying in maybe they knew that spoilt Princess Grace would be visiting.

The following day I had a early session for face trampling right after breakfast it was a great way to start the day.

I rarely go on tour. I normally do sessions when a slaves flies to Me to him or meet he has the option to mert in My country. I aim for long term. I get energy from the connection and intensity from the adoration I recieve from My slaves.

What really stood out is how polite, intelligent and excellent conversationalist german slaves are, one slave here was advising Me on marketing and the other on fashion. I would really love to visit Germany again.

International Dominatrix, Clip Artist & Fetish Model