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By SpoiltPrincessG, Dec 31 2020 09:43PM

A guy who I never had a session with before wanted a cam session. I told him I don't do nude so he kept sending higher offers. I refused & blocked him because money does not get me to do fetishes I don't want to do. I don't do nude/camgirl/ or where I am expected to be submissive. If I tell you I will not be nude or can't do skype right now please don't push by sending higher offers just respect my boundaries arrange another time and understand I do Domme sessions. Be nice & follow my rules then we will get along.

In other news one of long term loyal boot slaves has built a prop to use in my clip where he will also be my film slave he owes me 55 clips as his slave task which will be done when He flies to meet me in Dublin after all the international travel restrictions are lifted.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, bursting with fulfilling and exciting opportunities. And remember, if the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door or like my slave build a floor to put a slave under to be ever ready to clean my boots.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Feb 1 2020 10:51PM

January 2020 was great. It was my birthday month and very thoughtful subs got me birthday gifts. I appreciate all the gifts I got, some are still arriving in the post. I get gifts every day from subs who get me gifts from my tribute page or AmazonUK wishlist.

I also went to London on a flyMetoyou.

Then went to Manchester and Nottingham where I filmed new clips with one of my clip slaves who has served me for 4 years now.

Now February is with us and a brand new month. Time goes by so fast. I will be visiting Istanbul turkey from 4th until 10th Feb.

My shop selling worn items, clips and custom clips, customized audio, contracts and chastity contracts and even distance save training is now open for busines.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Jan 23 2020 09:18PM

I starting as a Domme because I wanted to discover myself. Growing up in a strict Catholic family in Ireland, I found it hard to have the freedom to express my true self. The creativity it takes to be a Domme helped me come out of my shell. I am still learning and growing.

On my blog, I want to feature artists, writers and life coaches who promote growing and enjoying life. This is my first guest blog.

It's written by; Charlie's Toolbox. You can follow her Twitter HERE.

She is a wonderful author of many books for women. Her books focus on those who need encouragement in rebuilding their lives and to regain their power.

Power imbalances: types, signs, and ways to subvert it.

Power imbalances in romantic relationships are very well known. Cisheterosexual women inherently know that every date, new prospect, and ultimately marriage is a navigation of power. From the beginning, each move, each yes, and even having compassion has to be questioned with “is this a power move?” or is it not? Even withholding compliments, or providing compliments laced with insidious critiques are power moves that for the most part, we neglect to teach cishetero women.

Patriarchy teaches cishetero women to steadily relinquish their power in romantic relationships. As a result, we see power imbalances occur where, “someone disproportionately uses his or her leverage to make decisions, control resources, or control expressions of affection.” One of the reasons why it is hard to thwart power imbalances in cishetero relationships is due to social pressures. Women are verbally abused, physically abused, and emotionally abused but the community around her will tell her it is worth it or that is how marriages and relationships work. Even if this woman decides to leave, or challenge the relationship dynamic to ensure she is happy, she will be blamed if it falls apart. She will be blamed for emasculating him. She will be blamed for ruining the family. She will be accused of asking for too much. She will also be accused of being difficult. Not only will she be blamed, but also her harshest critics will be the women who she once thought of as sisters. So, women are stuck in a loop where they are punished by their partners and their community for wanting equality and equity.

One space where this conversation is elevated and examines, destroys, and negotiates patriarchy is sex work. Sex work for the most part has been examined through the lens deviance or oppression; however, it is also a site for liberatory politics and some of the best thinkers and theories regarding power and boundaries stem from current and former sex workers. In other words, let’s look at sex work in a polymorphous paradigm, where there is a, “a constellation of occupational arrangements, power relations, and worker experiences,” and pull from those power relations tools that can help cishetero women not in sex work better navigate romantic, sexual, and non-sexual relations so that they can manage these power imbalances. While my wish is for patriarchy to be demolished and the hierarchy that relegates women to invisible, or visible only when sexy, it has yet to be destroyed so we will subvert power in our unique and creative ways. Below I’ve created several categories to review and digest: The types of power imbalances, Signs that demonstrate that imbalance, Power imbalances for sex workers, and navigating, destroying, and subverting power in sex work and romantic relationships.

Types of power Imbalances:

Below I’ve outlined some common relationship archetypes that demonstrate power imbalances.

1. Couples that are Enmeshed

a. Coined by Salvador Minuchin, it is a psychological term that describes a blurring of boundaries between people,

b. What it looks like: having no identity outside of your partner or the relationship

c. Opposite of enmeshment: Choosing to be together but belonging to ourselves.

2. Couples that abide by strict gender roles

a. While there are relationships that enjoy this dynamic, some do not. For those who do not abide by strict gender roles below is what that power imbalance looks like.

b. Undervaluing of labor that women do.

i. Unequal labor distribution. Cleaning the house

ii. Managing the household

iii. Managing the emotions of the children and the husband.

c. Faking incompetence to get out of doing a choir

d. Silencing tactics

3. Couples that are riddled with abuse

a. Power is the foundation for which abuse is built on. An exploitation of power where two parties have not agreed to the terms will always result in physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse.

Signs that you aren’t respected:

• Consistent Criticism

• Manipulation to get their way

• Name calling

• Lack of trust

• Gaslighting

• Convincing you it’s no big deal or that you are making a big deal out of it.

• Uncomfortable speaking up for yourself "A big reason you don’t speak up for yourself is because you fear your partner will reject that part of you, or that they’ll retaliate against you in some way,"

• ME vs YOU mentality

• Everything is a competition

• Expression of contempt for you

• Putting you down as a way to build themselves up

• Physically trying to intimidate you

• Requiring you to meet their needs, but won’t meet yours

• Regularly requiring you to take ownership of their issues

• You are regularly disappointed, while they are content

• If peace is dependent upon your silence, then you are in trouble.

Power imbalance for Sex worker:

• Negotiating your rate

• Don’t/won’t honor their word

• Trying to ascertain free services

• Provoking you to try to humiliate them

• Trying to have a romantic or girlfriend experience online with no intent of paying

• Excuses as to why they can’t pay

• Unwilling to build trust

• Withhold information from vetting

• Won’t provide any information to verify identity

• Don’t feel safe

• Not creating the conditions to ensure you feel space`

• Not gaining any pleasure

• Physical, mental, or monetary pleasure

• Disrespects boundaries

How to thwart power imbalances:

• Money first.

• Be vocal

• Disrespect in any form is grounds for leaving.

• Cultivate a community that encourages you to speak up

• Do not seek out advice from women who think subservience is womanly, feminine, or your duty.

• Say no or disappear. No is a complete sentence and disappearing is a statement.

• Watch for the red flags (review signs you aren’t respected)

• Pay attention to their community. Are they friends with abusers? Do they excuse bad behavior? Do they hate other women? Do they talk badly about sex workers?

• Outline the type of labor you are willing to do and what you need from your partner

• Review this after every life event, marriage, children, sickness, and financial instability.

By SpoiltPrincessG, Jan 10 2020 09:57PM

I will be in London on the 12th January till the 14th and available for sessions.

To book your session contact me via my site HERE!

By SpoiltPrincessG, Jan 3 2020 07:26PM

To all my followers I am wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

2019 was good to Me in Dec I was in Germany in on flyMetoyou's.

In January my birthday month I am in the U.K on a flymetoyou with a foot fetish submissive. I am really looking forward to this year ahead.

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